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At Hindustan Pumps, Quality is a habit not a chance.

The following quality policy, developed by the management of HINDUSTAN PUMPS describes the fundamental principles against which we operate our management system and which will support our objective, mission, and values.

“We are committed to achieve customer expectations by achieving balanced Quality, Cost and Delivery and continually improve it through teamwork; keeping in mind the needs of the society.” 
By Hindustan Team

This policy forms the basis for the quality system and is binding on all employees.

We will achieve this by:


  • Provide products and services which meet or exceed customer needs and expectations.
    • Manufacture products which meet customer specifications.
    • Strive to meet customer's target values.
    • Monitor customer satisfaction.
  • Deliver on-time.
    • Ship on the date required by the customer.
    • Monitor on-time delivery performance.
  • Continuously improve the Quality and Reduce all costs to the lowest possible level by :
    • Establish Cost Reduction Programs.
    • Monitor the Cost of Quality.
    • Innovate and continuously improve management systems to ensure our work is consistent with this commitment.
    • Empower each employee to be proactive in supporting continuous improvement and recognize each employee's responsibility for quality.
    • Foster a team approach to defect prevention and problem solving.
    • Emphasize appropriate training for all employees.
    • Maintain the Quality Department as a partner with Purchasing.
    • Use only Selected, Approved and Certified suppliers.
    • Receive raw materials and outside processed parts only when accompanied by appropriate certifications and inspection documentation
    • Accept only conforming products and services from suppliers
    • Keep the Quality Department independent of, but a partner with Manufacturing
    • Reduce waste and inefficiency wherever found
    • Seek out technologies for assuring error-free work
    • Continue to implement statistical approaches to reduce variation

Hindustan Pumps Management is fully committed to this quality policy and we will review and renew it on a regular basis.

Quality Assurance at Hindustan Pumps

Quality Assurance at Hindustan Pumps is underpinned by the Hindustan Pumps Quality Management System which is certified from BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS to the latest ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. We strive to achieve perfection through our product realization processes by utilising tools such as Advanced Quality Planning (APQP), Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) which consist of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Control Plans, Process Flow Charts, Tooling Check Sheets, Final Inspection Standards, and Packaging Standards etc. We follow modern Management Practices like - Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM), Kaizen teams, Kanban, Self-Study Groups which further streamlines operations at the manufacturing end and results into complete elimination of waste. We focus on prevention rather than reaction, True Root Cause Analysis, Zero defects and rapid and effective resolution of customer issues.

how does it work?

When it comes to quality excellence, work at Hindustan Pumps begins at the very start of a product’s design and development. At Hindustan Pumps, the concept of quality is defined as the methods used to design, manufacture, deliver and support a product, service or solution destined for use by a customer. This set of methods, guided by the management system, are precisely defined and continuously improved, and are applied from the beginning to end of every project.

The requirements for each project are clearly defined, which guides the management of every new project. The thoroughness and accuracy of these requirements directly determines the quality of the finished product and our ability to meet customer expectations. The project requirements go hand in hand with detailed planning. Each milestone is minutely planned, and must be scrupulously met. Throughout the project’s life, key indicators allow the team to monitor progress. These deal with every part of the product’s development, and measure the effectiveness at each stage of the lifecycle.

Producing the best possible product also demands effective internal communication. Every member of an organisation needs to feel involved – and valued. Internal motivation and empowerment is an important priority at Hindustan Pumps.

Conclusion: A never-ending quest
Quality Excellence is more than a buzzword at Hindustan Pumps. It’s a serious concept, and a working philosophy that is continuously improved.

what is ISO?

ISO 9001 is a set of quality management standards, recognized worldwide, developed and controlled by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland. The documents that define the ISO 9001 standard, adopted by more than 100 countries, provide a quality management system philosophy and guidance, as well as specifications to which the quality system must adhere. This means that Hindustan Pumps has established a systematic approach to quality management, and is managing its business to ensure that customer needs are clearly understood, agreed and fulfilled.

ISO 9001:2008 (to which Hindustan Pumps is certified) is the most stringent of the ISO 9000 standards. ISO 9001 requires that a company meet a set of requirements aimed primarily at achieving quality and customer satisfaction at all program stages from design through servicing.

what does iso registration meant for hindustan pumps?

Hindustan Pumps uses proven management tools and processes which have been continuously developed and improved since our inception. By "proven" we mean validated by ISO 9001 registration. To achieve this, independent third party auditors evaluated all aspects of our business to verify that we do what we say we do - consistently.

The ISO registration is not a single event but a long-term commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Although we attained global ISO 9001 registration in 2000, we must continue to prove to an independent external auditor at least each year that our quality system is effective and that our process improvement efforts are ongoing.

how does iso encourage continuous process improvement?

To ensure we are doing business as our QMS procedures say we do, we implemented an internal audit system. Several times a year, programs and functional areas are subjected to a rigorous review by a staff of personnel trained in auditing techniques. These auditors review evidence that our business complies with our QMS procedures, and generate CAPAs (Corrective & Preventive Actions) for identified nonconformities. The CAPA owners identify the root cause and implement corrective or preventive actions; planned preventive action ensures that the problem does not reoccur. Our Quality Assurance organization monitors the status of CAPA’s, to ensure that corrections are made in a timely fashion. Follow-up audits are conducted to verify that corrective actions are implemented and effective. Audit statistics are compiled and presented to Hindustan Pumps senior staff for review.

what does iso 9001 meant for our customers?

This means Hindustan Pumps has established a systematic approach to quality management, focused on the customer, and is managing its business to ensure that customer needs are clearly understood, agreed and fulfilled. It also means that we are committed to continuously improving our processes, and the products and services which we provide.

Hindustan Pumps – ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 

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